Eesti Õpilasesinduste Liit | Integration Project
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Integration Project

The projects “Including russian speaking youth to Estonian School Student Councils’ Unions work” main goals are to increase Estonian School Student Councils’ Unions (ESCU) operational capability through recruiting new volunteers. In the beginning of the project only 4% of ESCU volunteers could speak Russian and that is a great obturation in organisation’s work – this is a great obstacle for performing legitimate and effective advocacy for Russian speaking students. To find and keep new volunteers who can speak Russian and help with spreading information, the project includes organizing a seminar that acquaints ESCU-work to youngsters, developmental conversations with volunteers, complimenting good work. The project is beneficial for youngsters who get great experiences, for ESCU because then the organization is capable of representing all of its members and for society in general because of the new and active youngsters who want to improve education policy. As the result of the project, ESCU will get new volunteers, important documents get translated and Russian-speaking students will be represented and they gain information about ESCU and student rights. Our partners are Tallinn City Youth Council and Student Council of Tallinn who help us with contacts and good advice.

So far the two day seminar, developmental conversations and complimentary event have been conducted also new volunteers have added to the organisation. The homepage and fliers are being translated and briefings on ESCUs work are being held.

Project is supported by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants which is operated by the Open Estonia Foundation.